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There are more Caribbean destinations to come, but here are the ones I have finished (click on the links or click on the map).

St. Croix ] Barbados ] St. Lucia ]

Map of the Caribbean

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Most Caribbean countries have an annoying rule when it comes to hotel and restaurant bills. Both a sales tax and a gratuity (10-15%) are automatically added to your billWhen I was visiting Barbados, I asked the serving staff if they were given the gratuity indicated on the bill, and they indicated they received none of it. I can't verify this, but I think this is despicable of the hotel industry to levy this charge without option. For Canadians and other foreign visitors, the situation can be worsened if there is a significant unfavourable exchange rate to be added to the total as well. This means the prices as printed in menus and hotel service listings often cost up to 50% more than what one would expect at first glance. BE WARNED!



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