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Scarlett Macaws, Carara National Park Costa Rica - three trips covering both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, as well as inland locations.
bulletFebruary 2009 - Victoria to San Jose 2009, Southern Skies Fiesta 2009, Tamarindo 2009, San Jose to Victoria 2009
bulletFebruary 2008 - Victoria to San Jose 2008, Southern Sky Fiesta 2008, Poas & Sarapiqui 2008, Arenal Volcano 2008, Arenal to San Jose 2008, San Jose to Victoria 2008
bulletJanuary 1995 - Central Highlands 1995, Caribbean Coast 1995, Pacific Coast 1995, Final Leg 1995
Greece Greece - April 7-14, 2006
bulletAthens - Hadrian's Arch, Temple of Olympian Zeus, the New Olympic Stadium
bulletNational Archaeological Museum in Athens
bulletAcropolis - Tower of the Winds, Roman Forum, Library of Hadrian
bulletCircle Tour - Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, Acrocorinth, Mycenae & Treasure of Atreus, Castle of Palamidhi, Epidaurus
bulletCape Sounio - Temple of Poseidon
Roman Colosseum, Rome, Italy Italy - March 31 - April 7, 2006
bulletRome - Vatican Observatory, Vatican City
Solar Eclipse 2006 in Libya then onward to Italy and Greece - March 22 - 31, 2006
bulletJamahiriya Museum
bulletLeptis Magna
bulletEclipse Camp in the Sahara Desert
Lamb New Zealand - April/May 2004
bulletAuckland 2004
bulletAuckland to Opua by sea 2004
bulletBay of Islands 2004
bulletNew Zealand to Fiji Passage by sea 2004
bullet Auckland-Warkworth 2004
Reef line and lagoon - Ambergris Caye Belize - April 1997
bulletBelize City, Belize Zoo
bulletCayo District, Caracol Ruins
bulletPlacencia/Cockscomb, Laughing Bird Caye
bulletAmbergris Caye, Manatee Tour
French Polynesia - Jan 1978
bullet Tahiti
bulletBora Bora
The Grand Canyon, Arizona - Jan 2000
The Hoover Dam - Jan 2000
Las Vegas, Nevada - Jan 2000
including the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Board sailing just off the beach at St. Lawrence, Barbados Caribbean islands - Barbados, St. Lucia, and St. Croix - Dec 1981

There are many links to scanned photos within the travelogues above. All images are 150k or less in size, except where otherwise noted. Most of the destination pages have multiple thumbnail images, which means the pages may take a minute or two to load if you are using a slow Internet connection.

I don't pretend to be an eco-tourist, so if you are looking for that angle, you won't find it here. I prefer to travel with a generous level of comfort. This means you won't find me using any of the local buses, seated amongst the chickens and vegetables - I'll be the guy in the taxi passing the local bus and taking a photo!

On the other hand, I try to not stay in Hiltons or Holiday Inns, or use American Express travel. I have found that I get much more out of the trip by using locally owned and operated hotels and travel services. Why travel 10,000 miles to stay in an American-style hotel? I may as well save my money and stay at the Four Seasons in Vancouver for a few days. Club Med also doesn't appeal to me, despite considering myself a confirmed hedonist. There is something about those loud speakers announcing to the throngs that "signups for volleyball are being taken next to the bar" every five minutes that reminds me more of an army camp than a vacation spot. Don't get me wrong - they offer good travel value - it's just not for me.

Please note: Any costs quoted using "$" are United States Dollars (and are approximate only), unless otherwise noted.

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There are a small number of photos and other graphics appearing on this website which I have captured from web pages of others. Credit and copyright is given where it was indicated on the original. Please contact me if you do not wish to see your image(s) being used on these web pages, and I will remove them immediately.

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If you have any questions or comments about the locations mentioned, or what I have to say about them, please contact me.

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