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One of the rewards for the significant amount of work I put into producing the JoeTourist web pages are the kind words sent by people who find them interesting and informative.

If you like these web pages... Please send me your comments about the JoeTourist website.

If you have any questions about the locations mentioned, please don't hesitate to email me  -  All comments sent to JoeTourist will be considered public comments, and may be added to the Joe Tourist Guest Book at my option.

Thanks in advance for your comments!

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Troy said on the JoeTourist blog...
Interesting. Life seems to pass slowly in the San Blas Islands. The Kuna Yala tribe still maintain their old traditions and way of life.
San Blas Islands

Jessika from Victoria, Canada
...thank you for sharing what is obviously a passion of yours! Anyone who has ever tried to put together a vacation, can appreciate the valuable information you have provided throughout your website.  Thank you ... for all that you have already shared with us form your travels. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Ryan, Victoria, Australia
I too came to this site seeking info about travel to the Grand Canyon in January. I found this site very helpful and comprehensive. Thanks Joe for the good work you've put in and best of luck in your retirement.

Karen from QLD Australia
I just came across your site looking for information on Las Vegas & Grand Canyon in January. Your site gave me a lot of great info for our trip and reassurance about going in winter.

Sherry from Metchosin, Canada wrote:
Whoa. Seriously cool travel blogs.

Barb from St. Louis wrote:
I love your website. I've been to Hawaii 2 times, and plan to return (via cruise) in October of this year. Your information provided regarding the Jack Harter helicopter tours on Kauai made the difference for me. Thanks Joe!

Rich from Chico, CA wrote:
My many thanks for posting the beautiful photos of Tripoli and Leptis Magna. I was stationed at Wheelus Air Base from 1958 to 1960. I visited Leptis Magna once and now in my old age, wish I had stayed longer and taken more photos. Thanks again for letting me revisit my past.

Brian wrote:
Great site, loads of information and easy to navigate. We are planning to visit Costa Rica & Hawaii this year and your site has helped a great deal. Thanks for all of your hard work !

Katiuska wrote:
Aloha oe Joe,
Enjoyed much your well done info site, as a Hawaiian an honor, but also a lover of my brothers the Tahitians....simply beautiful
xx Mahalo. katiuska.

Dave wrote:
I live vicariously through other travellers as I do not have time or the cash to take a vacation. Thanks for the pictures, I needed a virtual holiday, thanks.

Linn-Marie wrote:
I have to say that by looking at the pictures from Barbados, many memories came back to me! I've been there once (two years ago no..), and I'm going back next year! I can't wait! Thank you for the pictures!

Sarah wrote:
I am traveling to Fiji with a group called Class Afloat. We are high school/ college students who do a year of study aboard a tall ship. I am very excited, and I want to find out more about the places we will be traveling to. Your site was very helpful. It gave me an idea of what I should expect from my trip. Thank you. It's an awesome site!

Karen wrote:
Thank you - thank you - thank you! I give you AAA for suggesting Gaylords restaurant on the island of Kaua'i. We just returned from two weeks in Princeville Kaua'i & I must rave about our wonderful, delicious meals & the beautiful setting it's located in. We just lingered & lingered around all those inviting shops & the perfectly manicured grounds. It was just so peaceful & enjoyable. We can't wait to go back next year. Thanks so much for all your great tips on this site. We appreciate all the hard work that must go into being [so] comprehensive. Sincere thanks!

Amanda wrote:
Your site helped a lot on my global studies project. I had to write a 2 page report on Fiji. The layout of your site makes it easy to find information and easy to read. Keep up the good work!

Lanangsuria wrote:
Impressed, Keep it up....I will back.......

Casey Riemer, General Manager, Jack Harter Helicopters wrote:
I spent some time looking at the site and find it very interesting and well done! Your information about Kaua'i is accurate and you are to be commended for the correct spelling of the Hawaiian place names.

Tahiti Babe wrote:
Your pictures from Tahiti made me homesick, I miss my hometown. Do you plan on going back to Tahiti? What did you eat while you were in Tahiti?

Mary wrote:
Your pictures of Tahiti left me wanting more pictures. I am keeping one as my desktop.

Jill from Oregon wrote:
I'm so glad to run across your site.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip to Costa Rica as we have been there twice now.  You have done a beautiful job of combining good information and photos and it is a joy to view.

Our first trip in '97 we were 'tourists' and last summer we stayed a month and got into the culture.  Very interesting.  Stayed in a rented house ($400 for the month) in Barva, north of SJ. If you would like to see our personal travelogue from our first trip (though it STILL isn't finished), please visit our website.

Thanks for all your work, your site is great. By the way, I am adding a link to your site on my 'Journeys' page.

Donna from New England wrote:
The sunset pictures of the Grand Canyon drew audible exclamations of amazement!  I can't believe you get that much detail from a digital camera.

Steve from Akron, OH wrote:
Had a great tour of your site. Best I have seen in ages.

Caro from Burnaby, BC wrote:
Lightning fast speed..... Love the new look, Joe. I can see how much work you've done revamping the pages.  Well worth all your trouble.  Thanks again!

The JoeTourist website was moved to my own web server in early April of 1999.  At the same time, I registered my own domain name.

Phillip from Thornhill, Ontario wrote:
I viewed your web site with interest as my family and I have been to Costa Rica and Belize too. Your site is well done and interesting.

Mona from Toronto, Ontario wrote:
Great web site, thanks for the info. Particularly liked the monkey on the dog's back.

This picture is part of the Caribbean portion of the Costa Rica trip.

Len from Kanata, Ontario wrote:
Came across your site as the @Home's featured Site of the Week - VERY impressive! I found it excellent in terms of content (haven't seen it all yet) and organization. I had a complete look at the Belize pages - we were in Belize this January and last, and obviously we enjoyed it very much - we are already planning for next year (Feb.)... Looking forward to the rest of your online goodies.

Michelle from Victoria, BC wrote:
My co-workers and I have seen your tour information on internet and are very interested in the Molokini Island Snorkle Trip. We will be travelling to Hawaii next week and would like to join your tour on November 23 or 24. However, we will be staying in Ohua, transportation is a problem for us. Could you advise on how to get to your designated location? We would like to have more information on the tour and make reservation.

The JoeTourist web pages are not a commercial site. I don't sell tours. I just tell you about my (personal) travels to various parts of the world.

Alan from Victoria, BC wrote:
I was doing some Maui surfing on the net and came across your page. Nice piece of work.

Peggy wrote:
Your story about your experiences in Costa Rica was hilarious. I would kill to see that dog with the monkey on his back. My quest is to find that dog. Where is the banana plantation? I'm leaving for Costa Rica in one month. I'll be staying in the Puerto Viejo area. Do you have any suggestions of places to visit?

Dale from Temecual, California. wrote:
Thanks for your frank, easy to read info. re. Maui.  We are leaving on Monday for a one week stay, our first to Hawaii.  I lived for a year in B.C. while on a teacher's exchange from California to Chilliwack.  It was the most memorable year of my life. You are right in recommending that Canadians toot their horn a lot louder! Victoria is a wonderful place and in my estimation one of the best places to reside in Canada.  You're a very fortunate person.

Denis Michaud from Québec wrote:
I saw your page on Costa Rica, and I found it very interesting. I'm French Canadian and I live in Cahuita. . Thanks for your work.

Julie wrote:
I am enjoying all your info on the computer and hope to look at St. Croix real soon.  I spent 3 years vacationing on that island back in 1976-79.  I was in San Jose, Costa Rica back in 1975 and I always remember how we toured the ox cart factory. 

Robby from Victoria, BC wrote:
Just part way through your magnificent Hawaii journey. My gawd what masterpiece, it must have taken you weeks. It is so beautiful and friendly and informative! My wife usually is approached to read this or that, that I've D/L'd from here or there and usually sets them aside after glancing at them with "I'll give them a further glance later on dear", but after glancing at the hard copies I handed her, I couldn't tear her away from them ha ha. She also stated what a monumental job you'd done and just from reading what you'd written started to tell me the changes she'd noted from reading that had taken place since we were over there in 76, approximately 7 years before the trip you commented on.

Steve from Cafe Britt, Costa Rica wrote:
Liked your picture of Carlos and Claudia... Glad you enjoyed the tour -- you can order Cafe Britt direct from Costa Rica by DHL or UPS -- you can also order directly on the net. Here is our web site Feel free to write if you have any questions about Costa Rica and Coffee.

Caroline from Burnaby, BC wrote:
You really have a way of bringing the information to life...making it interesting and very readable. I marveled at the extensive notes you must have been taking to bring back such detail. I also laughed when I saw the references to 1) driving too fast on the road to Volcanoes Nat'l park, and 2) sticking your head in a sulphur vent. The pictures are terrific...whole thing well organized. If I was planning a trip for the first time there I think your page would be a tremendous help.




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