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April 4, Aerial photo of Padua ?2006 - Tuesday - We hit the road early again today, departing Florence for a stop in Padua and then onward to Venice.

In Padua, the bus must park on the edge of town in a large parking lot, since Padua is a medieval town with very narrow streets. We have a very interesting tour of the University of Padua (Universitą degli Studi di Padova). Galileo taught and worked in this university for 18 years. The University started in the early 1200's, and is the second oldest in Italy (interesting history). The wall murals and coats of arms represent the history one of the first Gymnasium Omnium Disciplinarum (freedom of thought) universities in the world - thanks mainly to protection from the Catholic church by the powerful Venetian Republic.

The town is clean and quiet, since only a few commercial vehicles are allowed on the inner city roads.  Otherwise, it is mainly scooters, bicycles and pedestrians using the narrow streets in this city.  The prices in the shops reflect an affluent clientele.  A recommended stop if you have a day or two to spare, and you are on your way to Venice.

Prato della Valle
, shops around the park, Padua

Prato della Valle
, shops around the park, Padua

Joe standing beside the statue of Galileo Galilei, Prato della Valle, Padua

Entranceway to the University of Padua

Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia, first female graduate of any university, June 25, 1676, University of Padua

Anatomy  theatre, University of Padua

Coats of arms, University of Padua

Coats of arms, University of Padua

Coats of arms, University of Padua

Il Caffe Pedrocchi, the first coffee shop in Italy

Flower shop in Padua

Canal, Padua


Turismo Padova - sights in Padua from Tourism Padua, including walking & bike tours, and audio tours.

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