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Consumer Electronics Show


00001017a.jpg (68090 bytes)The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas January 2000 was a real treat for me. I had previously attended Comdex, which is a computer trade show held each year in Las Vegas, but CES presented a broader product mix - electronics for vehicles (audio, video, GPS, etc), home electronics (high definition television - HDTV, security and control systems), personal electronics (digital cameras - both still and video, cellular phones and pagers, CD and DVD portable players), and lots of esoteric stuff that you just wouldn't think of!

The photos tell the story

00001019a.jpg (58473 bytes)
Lanzar street van
00001021a.jpg (66447 bytes)
Lanzar street van
00001018a.jpg (58773 bytes)
Capacitors - to supply the juice for those peak loads!

Vehicle Electronics

00001025a.jpg (52398 bytes)
Real Car Computing
a computer system built for vehicles
00001036a.jpg (68949 bytes)
another computer system built for vehicles
00001024a.jpg (57150 bytes)
StreetPilot GPS
by Garmin
00001111a.jpg (49172 bytes)
Real Car Computing
a computer system built for vehicles
00001103a.jpg (47648 bytes)
SD car audio

Microsoft's version of an integrated home - this kitchen comes complete with a guy in slippers!


00001092a.jpg (206920 bytes)
Toshiba HDTV
Warning - 440k jpg file!
00001115a.jpg (32176 bytes)
Fujitsu HDTV
00001095a.jpg (50427 bytes)
Line doubling technology - critical to use low definition video on high definition sets

Home Electronics

00001106a.jpg (46624 bytes)
Panasonic HDTV flat plasma displays
00001105a.jpg (63574 bytes)
Panasonic HDTV flat plasma displays

00001108a.jpg (50129 bytes)
Panasonic Massage Loungers - the most popular display at CES!


00001102a.jpg (47679 bytes)
Wrist watch SD audio player
(SD cards are smaller than either CF or Multimedia cards)
00001089a.jpg (46227 bytes)
Wrist watch SD player

Personal Electronics

00001104a.jpg (44289 bytes)
SD digital camera - in a pendant necklace!
00001085a.jpg (42436 bytes)
SD audio player



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