Jamahiriya Museum

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March 31, 2006 - Friday - Jamahiriya Museum - After breakfast this morning we walked through Tripoli to the Jamahiriya Museum. It was good to see the originals of the statues we saw copies of earlier at Sabratha and Leptis Magna. There is a 5 Dinar camera charge at the Museum (10 Dinars for video), which we encountered at all historical sites in Libya. It would have been valuable to have an English-speaking guide, since all the informational signs were in Arabic.

Entrance to the Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli.
Once formed part of the Tripoli or Red Castle.

Stone carving of Medusa. Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Tile scenes, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Geometric and scenic tile, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Arabic desert people diorama, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Marble Roman statue of a young man, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Marble Roman statues, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Marble statue of a boy with a lyre, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Marble Roman statue of Aphrodite, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Copper and brass artefacts, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Tile scene, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

Ancient musical instruments, Jamahiriya Museum, Tripoli

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