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March 25, 2006 - Saturday - Sabratha - We just returned today from Sabratha, and despite everyone expecting to feel our jetlag from our long trip the day before, everyone did very well covering this huge site.  I really didn't appreciate the scale of this ancient coastal city.

Sabratha's golden age can be traced to the era when four Roman emperors reigned: Antonius Pius (AD 138-61), Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (AD 161-80), Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus (AD 180-92), and finally Septimus Severus (Ad 193-211).

Sabratha was part of the Phonecian, Greek and Roman empires, among others. The first thing you see as you walk through the gates is the Sabratha Theatre to your right across a meadow, with glimpses of the blue Mediterranean Sea behind it.

Wide angle of most of the city of Sabratha. Part of the city is falling into the sea.

Google Earth map of Sabratha - looking south on-shore from out in the Mediterranean

Puno-Hellenistic Mausoleum of Bes, Sabratha

South Forum Temple, RASC Group with one of our guides, Sabratha

Green Italian marble columns, Antonne Temple, Sabratha

Flavius Tulus Fountain, Sabratha

Basilica of Justinian, Sabratha

Sabratha Forum, as viewed from the Capiloleum

Temple of Serapis, Sabratha

Roman public toilets, Sabratha

Geometric tile, Theatre Baths, Sabratha

Inlaid tilework, Sabratha Museum

Temple of Liber Pater (Temple of Dionysius), Sabratha

Joe at the Temple of Liber Pater (Temple of Dionysius), Sabratha

The Sabratha Theatre is without a doubt the most impressive Roman stone theatre to be found anywhere, including the theatre in the sister city of Leptis Magna.  This theatre has been beautifully restored, and the location close to the shoreline of the Mediterranean sets off the beautiful stonework.  Theatrical productions continue to be staged here today, and I can understand why.  Acoustics are impeccable in Roman-designed theatres.

Sabratha Theatre

Entranceway, Sabratha Theatre

Sabratha Theatre

108 Corinthian columns behind the Sabratha Theatre stage

Carvings of Roman divinities just below the stage, Sabratha Theatre

Three tiered facade, Sabratha Theatre

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