Waitangi National Trust Estate

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May 5, 2004

The Waitangi National Trust Estate is where New Zealand became a British sovereign state in 1840 after full agreement was reached with over 500 Maori chiefs through the Treaty of Waitangi. The National Trust grounds have a commanding view of the Bay of Islands, Paihia and Opua. NZ$10/person entrance fee.

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Whare Waka
"Canoe House"
a 35 metre long Maori war canoe

Hobson's Beach - leads up to the Canoe House Whare Waka -  the Canoe House Joe beside the canoe - the "I was there" photo
The stump of one of the three Kauri trees used to construct the canoe Canoe decorative carvings Inside of the Canoe House - note all the paddles stored in the roof

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Waitangi Treaty House
the original British Residency erected in 1833-34
Panoramic looking toward Bay of Islands from the Treaty House Panoramic looking toward Bay of Islands from the Treaty House The Treaty House
The Treaty of Waitangi
Treaty of Waitangi - NZ Archives
Historical artifacts inside the Treaty House Historical artifacts inside the Treaty House
Flowers outside in the Treaty House gardens Hibiscus outside in the Treaty House gardens Hibiscus outside in the Treaty House gardens

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Te Whare Runanga
a Maori meeting house with beautiful carvings and intricate woven mat walls
Te Whare Runanga - the outside of the Maori meeting house The woven mat walls of Te Whare Runanga The woven mats decorating the inside of Te Whare Runanga


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