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January 1978 

As beautiful as the French Polynesian islands are, if there is one island that is the jewel in the crown, it must be Bora Bora.  I don't know if it is the name, the mystique, or the people, but Bora Bora's charm is undeniable.  Legend tells us that Bora Bora is the source of all the Polynesians to be found in the South Pacific.

FrenchPolynesia-map.gif (22045 bytes)I took a flight from Papeete airport to Bora Bora (just over one hour travel time) using a 44 passenger Fairchild F27A turbo-prop aircraft.  This was an expensive little one day excursion, but I couldn't see travelling so far to French Polynesia without seeing Bora Bora for myself. Bora Bora airport was built by U.S. troops during WWII.  Until the new International airport was built on Tahiti in 1963, Bora Bora was the only airport in French Polynesia capable of handling  International flights.  Passengers were shuttled by flying boats from Bora Bora to Tahiti until 1963! 

7805069.jpg (66016 bytes)
7805070.jpg (61548 bytes)
Raiatea in background with the Tahaa reef in the foreground
7805071.jpg (89018 bytes)
Approaching the Bora Bora airport, with the reef line clearly visible
7805072.jpg (103862 bytes)
Bora Bora airport is built on the outer coral reef, and is therefore only a metre or two above sea level.
7805073.jpg (119546 bytes)
Bora Bora main island as seen from the airport
7805075.jpg (96630 bytes)
Inner lagoon and mountain
7805077.jpg (86507 bytes)
Mist-covered mountain peak
7805078.jpg (128466 bytes)
Le Truck - local transportation, which was used to drive us around the island
7805079.jpg (115815 bytes)
Idyllic beaches and views every way you look
7805081.jpg (63612 bytes)
The characteristic craggy profile of the high Polynesian islands
7805082.jpg (108642 bytes)
Blue Lagoon, empty beaches - what more could I ask for?
7805083.jpg (71591 bytes)
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