French Polynesia

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January 1978

A perfect cloud hovers over Tahiti (35532 bytes)French Polynesia is one of those tropical destinations that fulfills your imaginary image of a "tropical island".  These islands are strikingly beautiful, and well worth going to see, if you get the opportunity.

This trip was taken many years ago when Pacific Western Airlines still existed (since formed part of Canadian Airlines, and now Air Canada). PWA mainly ran Boeing 737 on short haul trips within Western Canada, but they owned one long haul aircraft - an old 707.  This is the aircraft which took us from Vancouver to French Polynesia on a Suntours tour package.

Tahiti & Moorea map (26358 bytes)Itinerary:


Tahiti - the main island


Bora Bora - beautiful and remote


Moorea - beautiful and yet very close to Tahiti

If you are planning to travel to French Polynesia, you should be prepared to pay very high prices for virtually everything.  This includes accommodation, transportation, food, taxes, the works!  You will also pay high airfares to get there.  There are some package deals which will lessen the cost a bit (see my Links - French Polynesia

Is it worth the cost?  Have a look at some of my photos, and decide for yourself.  Am I glad I went to French Polynesia? Of course!




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