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January 1978

Tahiti & Moorea map (26358 bytes)Moorea is the island closest to Tahiti, and is the destination of most tourists who travel to the Polynesian Islands. We stayed at Hibiscus Hotel bungalows, which were modest accommodation. We rented a car to see the island (a Volkswagen "Thing"). Electric power on Moorea is by generator only, so you should be prepared to cope with a "lights out" time in the early morning hours, especially if you are staying at a small resort.

Opunohu Bay

Here we are on Opunohu Bay with our rental car

The reef lagoon in front of our bungalows
7805090.jpg (82701 bytes)
Earl standing on the coral in the lagoon
7805091.jpg (89603 bytes)
The tallest palms we saw, with me standing beside the road, majestic peaks in the background
7805093.jpg (67766 bytes)
Close-up of one of the more spectacular peaks
7805094.jpg (88990 bytes)
Evelyn Argue, Joe Carr, Sylvia Chu, Ruby & Earl Johnson
7805095.jpg (153279 bytes)
Lush and fertile volcanic ground
7805096.jpg (66088 bytes)
Opunohu Bay, as viewed from a hilltop vantage point
7805097.jpg (100376 bytes)
Opunohu Bay, as viewed from a hilltop vantage point. Notice the pine trees shaped like bottle brushes (no branches because they grow so quickly in this climate)
7805098.jpg (102450 bytes)
Verdant valley
7805099.jpg (84510 bytes)
Fisherman's nets drying on the beach
7805100.jpg (130788 bytes)
Taro crop
7805101.jpg (148185 bytes)
Elementary school
7805102.jpg (131074 bytes)
One of our not-too-bright fellow tourists trying to climb a coconut tree after one too many beers. He fell off, of course! These are the bungalows we staying in at Hibiscus Hotel


(Tahitian Feast)

Menu includes: whole roast suckling pig, poi, breadfruit, taro, ceviche, coconut, rum punch, wine.
7805104.jpg (54690 bytes)
Young vahines
7805113.jpg (78469 bytes)
What a sweetie!
7805110.jpg (57024 bytes)
Lots of enthusiasm
7805111.jpg (75340 bytes)
Fire dancers
7805112.jpg (43281 bytes)
Handsome young fire dancer
7805106.jpg (79162 bytes)
Ground oven - a whole roast pig is in there!
7805107.jpg (96143 bytes)
Uncovering the layers of the ground oven
7805108.jpg (76449 bytes)
Just the hot stones left
7805109.jpg (112423 bytes)
Tradition dictates using only the fingers - no cutlery
7805103.jpg (93697 bytes)
Sylvia Chu with some of the younger performers
7805105.jpg (80404 bytes)
Audience participation

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The End

7805120.jpg (59762 bytes)
Moorea sunset
7805119.jpg (41660 bytes)
Moorea sunset



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