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January 1978

A perfect cloud hovers over Tahiti (35532 bytes)Papeete from the air (111960 bytes)The approach to Papeete was striking - as you can see by the photo to the left, a cloud hovered over the main island of Tahiti. We stayed on Tahiti for the first few days of our trip.

Tahiti & Moorea map (26358 bytes)Our tour arrangements included a stay at the Hotel Tepuna Bel Air, located just south of the main town of Papeete, and a short taxi ride from the airport. Modest accommodation, but clean and comfortable, located on a so-so beach. I met several people who were on the same unescorted tour as me, so we ended up becoming fast friends, sharing car rentals, meals, etc.

7805013.jpg (135779 bytes)
Joe at the Hotel Bel Air

7805018.jpg (82172 bytes)
Hotel Bel Air restaurant overhanging the fish pond
7805020.jpg (74429 bytes)
Lagoon and beach - Hotel Bel Air
7805021.jpg (94004 bytes)
Maeva Beach Resort - next to the Hotel Bel Air
7805015.jpg (74059 bytes)
Buffet - Hotel Bel Air
7805014.jpg (71776 bytes)
Evelyn Argue, Sylvia Chu, Ruby & Earl Johnson

The first thing we did was to explore Papeete.  Public markets are always fun, and this one was very colourful and interesting.  The shops in Papeete were expensive, and I don't expect that will have changed over the years.  France continues to keep French Polynesia as a colony, and this means many supplies are imported from France, rather than geographically closer suppliers.  Service can be surly in the shops and restaurants in Papeete, especially if the tourist doesn't speak any French.

7805003.jpg (76260 bytes)
The main boulevard along the harbour

7805004.jpg (94290 bytes)
Evelyn Argue & Joe Carr having lunch
7805007.jpg (110871 bytes)
A city park in Papeete
7805005.jpg (101787 bytes)It doesn't matter where you go in the world, there is always something quirky to find - here is a huge Christmas tree in the post office lobby 

7805008.jpg (89653 bytes)
A tropical downpour

7805009.jpg (84027 bytes)
Rush hour, Papeete-style

7805010.jpg (88771 bytes)
Public Market - fresh fish is a staple

7805011.jpg (89959 bytes)
Tourists, vegetables and fruit
7805012.jpg (61435 bytes)
Taro root - a staple starch in the Polynesian diet across the Pacific

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 Dancers & Singers

7805016.jpg (50861 bytes) 7805017.jpg (56887 bytes)
7805038.jpg (48541 bytes) 7805034.jpg (101049 bytes)
7805035.jpg (58260 bytes) 7805036.jpg (87065 bytes) 7805037.jpg (68216 bytes)

 Having observed some of the various residents who have Polynesian roots across the Pacific, it struck me that the mixture of French blood into the French Polynesian line has produced some of the most strikingly beautiful women and handsome men you will find anywhere in the South Pacific. The women in French Polynesia tend to be tall and slender, whereas in the rest of the Pacific (and even in the more remote French Polynesian islands), the women are usually plump.  Same goes for the men - strikingly handsome and well built here, but elsewhere the men tend to be chunkier.

Another observation: do you notice than none of the Polynesians wear glasses, whereas the Chinese and European residents have the usual number of people needing sight correction?  Perhaps the mainly fish diet of the Polynesians has something to do with it, or perhaps it is genetics?

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Flowers & Scenics

7805024.jpg (65818 bytes)
Giant Pink Hibiscus
7805022.jpg (93862 bytes)
7805023.jpg (38515 bytes)
Deep red Hibiscus
7805028.jpg (41830 bytes)
Bird of Paradise
7805025.jpg (34339 bytes)
Tiare Tahiti - used to make flower tiaras
7805027.jpg (118851 bytes)
Flamboyant tree
7805050.jpg (108223 bytes)
Lily pond
7805052.jpg (152101 bytes)
7805053.jpg (64106 bytes)
Harvested bamboo
7805062.jpg (126411 bytes)
Lily pond
7805061.jpg (152680 bytes)
Verdant garden
7805054.jpg (142829 bytes)
Verdant garden
7805063.jpg (71875 bytes)
Fish for sale beside the road
7805065.jpg (161308 bytes)
Bat cave
7805066.jpg (84061 bytes)
Bat cave - closeup
7805047.jpg (37677 bytes)
Surf from open ocean, where the reef does not protect the island on the west side of Tahiti
7805048.jpg (73886 bytes)
Blowhole at Arahoho
7805064.jpg (130639 bytes)
Vegetation and view from the road

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Le Belvedere

Part of our arrangements included a dinner at Le Belvedere, located atop one of the hills behind Papeete.  The sunset and the view were spectacular...too bad the food wasn't the same.


7805029.jpg (66660 bytes)
Le Belevedere

7805030.jpg (39607 bytes)
The road up the mountain to Le Belvedere

7805031.jpg (33999 bytes)
Sunset from the deck of Le Belvedere

7805032.jpg (41490 bytes)
Papeete from atop Le Belvedere

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Point Venus

Point Venus is where Captain Cook landed in French Polynesia. On June 3rd, 1769, he observed the transit of Venus - thus the name.  Point Venus is the northern-most point on the island of Tahiti.

7805042.jpg (105593 bytes)
Commemorative plaque
7805043.jpg (143318 bytes)
Ironwood trees
7805044.jpg (132206 bytes)
Land crabs dig lots of holes!
7805045.jpg (91298 bytes)
View from Point Venus, black sand beach, looking back over Baie de Mataval toward the mountains of Tahiti
7805046.jpg (118545 bytes)
Cannon off one of Cook's ships


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Paul Gauguin

There is a memorial to Paul Gauguin, who single-handedly must be the greatest ambassador for French Polynesia. This memorial is located on the south side of Tahiti, near the town of Papeari. He is buried 1,500 km north of Tahiti in the Marquesas.

7805057.jpg (87988 bytes)
Collage depicting Paul Gauguin
7805058.jpg (75261 bytes)
One of Paul Gauguin's paintings
(I assume this is a copy!)
7805059.jpg (153100 bytes)
Paul Gauguin's memorial

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Our Last Day

7805114.jpg (76472 bytes)
Tahiti reef surf line and lagoon
7805115.jpg (64901 bytes)
Reef & resort area south of Papeete (Hotel Bel Air area)
7805117.jpg (94324 bytes)
Kia Ora - our last lunch
7805116.jpg (90285 bytes)
Kia Ora restaurant
7805118.jpg (111186 bytes)
Last day - Joe on the beach






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